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Licensed KoolDuct Distributor in Orlando Offering Fittings and KoolDuct Accessories

FP Fabricators is here to meet the sheet metal fabrication and ductwork needs of HVAC technicians, contractors, and professionals. As the only licensed distributor of KoolDuct in Florida, FP Fabricators is the leading metal fabrication company for Florida-based HVAC experts.

As KoolDuct distributors, we offer a wide variety of services and products that can help HVAC professionals with their specific needs. As sheet metal fabricators, we offer quick turn-around to help AC/heating specialists find what they are looking for.

With custom fabrication, we can meet any challenge. Whether you need ducts for a residential HVAC system or ducts for a commercial structure, FP Fabricators specializes in all facets of sheet metal fabrication services for the HVAC industry, offering custom products, such as KoolDuct.

When it comes to ductwork, ducts are designed to provide passage for HVAC systems. When installed correctly, ducts guarantee that quality air is spread throughout the unit, home or office. Producing sufficient ductwork designed for the needs of a home or office is important to creating a well-performing HVAC unit.

HVAC systems are not only about how good the AC specialist is but about the ductwork; any specialist knows that. That’s where the Kingspan KoolDuct System comes in.

KoolDuct: Pre-insulated Ductwork

The Kingspan KoolDuct System is a pre-insulated HVAC ductwork that offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced installation time
  • Space savings
  • And increased performance

One of the major advantages for consumers is the energy savings. This means as soon as the unit is switched on, the consumer receives a return on their investment, come the next electric bill.

The KoolDuct system can consist of rectangular ductwork, panels, couplings, and a whole line of other KoolDuct accessories to produce the high-grade pre-insulated rectangular ductwork that the Kingspan KoolDuct System is known for.

This space-saving, energy-saving ductwork can be installed indoors or outdoors. Because the ductwork is top-end, it easily reaches SMACNA Class 3, minimizing the risk of loose particles entering the airstream. The ductwork weighs significantly less than most ductwork since it is primarily constructed from galvanized metal sheets. This unit doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting and consequently achieves a fast installation time.

FP Fabricators

At FP Fabricators, we offer a wide assortment of suitable, high-grade products designed with the HVAC professional in mind. These products range from ducts to duct fittings to custom sheet metal fabrication.

As a company dedicated to crafting high-quality products, our services are designed to help our customers succeed in their project goals. We will work with you to assess your needs and develop the right component to fit those needs.

As the leading distributors of KoolDuct, FP Fabricators’ seasoned specialists deliver reliable HVAC sheet metal fabrication services and products in Orlando, Florida. Constructed with top-of-the-line custom-made sheet metal solutions in our shop, we offer reliable metal fabrication to our customers, delivering excellent services and products.

If you have a KoolDuct request, contact us today at 407-946-2233.

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