Spiral Ducts and Fittings

Spiral Ducts and Fittings

FP Fabricators is the all-in-one solution for HVAC technicians, offering metal fabrication services that exceed our competitors. We offer a wide variety of prefabricated and post-fabricated products for HVAC specialists looking for pipes, ducts, fittings and other products. We offer spiral duct and fittings that are part of our comprehensive line of HVAC solutions.

As a premier fabrication company, FP Fabricators specializes in sheet metal fabrication services for a number of industries, primarily the HVAC industry. As the only licensed distributor of KoolDuct in Florida, FP Fabricators is a leader in metal fabrication for Florida HVAC service professionals.

FP Fabricators offers spiral ducts and spiral duct fittings for HVAC professionals.

What are Spiral Ducts and Fittings Used For?

Ductwork is designed to aid airflow through a home via a ventilation system. Spiral ductwork is a distinct type of ductwork that meets the specific needs of an HVAC unit. It is strong and rigid due to a spiral structure and seams. Generally constructed with galvanized steel or aluminum, spiral ducts offer corrosion resistance.

Spiral ducts are used regularly and can be any length, but the most popular cut is 20 feet. Depending on performance requirements, spiral ducts can be attached using slip joints or flange-to-flange connection methods.

Spiral duct fittings aid in the construction and mounting of the unit. They have male ends with a petite diameter so they can more easily fit into a duct securely.

Our HVAC Services

HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication

FP Fabricators works closely with many HVAC professionals to offer them superior service and products, including ducts and piping. As the principal metal fabrication company for Orlando-based HVAC services and technicians, we know how to make products for HVAC professionals, which is why they keep coming back.

Learn more about our HVAC sheet metal fabrication.

KoolDuct Distributors

As the exclusive authorized distributor of KoolDuct in Florida, we have all the equipment needed for our HVAC technicians if they are looking for reliable ductwork.

Learn more about KoolDuct products and services.

Custom Fabrication

Our custom sheet metal fabrication solutions offer a cost-effective approach for your fabrication needs.

Learn more about our custom fabrication services and products.

We Have the Skills You Need

Our skilled sheet metal fabrication experts can provide top-end custom metal solutions in our fabrication workshop. Whether you’re a contractor or an HVAC tech, we have the supplies you need to create the right solutions.

Many can provide sheet metal work, but only a few can produce high-quality fabrications conveniently like FP Fabricators can.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Company in Orlando

FP Fabricators was founded in August of 2018. Since its inception, FP Fabricators has grown into a reputable company dedicated to its customers, offering satisfied customers superior services. That’s why we are the best sheet metal fabrication company in Orlando.

FP Fabricators is committed to meeting the highest standards in sheet metal and KoolDuct fabrication. You can depend on us to consistently deliver high-quality products that will exceed your expectations, including custom requests.

If you have a custom request for spiral duct and fittings, contact us today at (407) 946-2233.

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