Zinc Sheet Metal Fabricaton

Zinc Sheet Metal Fabricaton

Zinc Fabrication

As a provider of zinc fabrication services in Orlando, FP Fabricators specializes in all phases of sheet metal fabrication and employs other metals for fabrication, as well.

Zn and no. 30 on the periodic table of elements, ZInc is a brittle metal at room temperature and can have a bluish-white color. Zinc is primarily used as a coating for other metals, such as steel and iron. Its coatings are used to improve corrosion resistance.

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Zinc Properties

Zinc has a number of properties, including:

  • Strength: As a metal, zinc is weak. It is not normally used for any load-bearing applications, but primarily as an anti-rust agent. However, zinc has a high impact strength as a die casting alloy.
  • Ductility: at around 212 to 300 or so degrees Fahrenheit, zinc becomes malleable. This allows for more complex fabrication.
  • Conductivity: zinc has strong electrochemical properties, which is why it performs well during the galvanizing process.

Zinc has a number of other applications depending on your needs. These include:

  • Sound barriers
  • Vibration dampers
  • Architectural sheeting
  • And more


Most commonly, zinc is used as an anti-corrosive and for galvanization. Galvanization is a process to prevent rusting. Galvanization is the process of using a protective zinc coating to steel or iron. Zinc galvanization is used for:

  • Fencing
  • Guard rails
  • Suspension bridges
  • Metal roof
  • Heat exchangers
  • And more

FP Fabricators Can Help You Find the Right Metals

FP Fabricators can help you work out which types of metals can work best for the product and job you need. FP Fabricators is committed to meeting the highest standards in sheet metal and KoolDuct fabrication.

Many contractors can provide sheet metalwork, but only a few can produce quality fabrications the time that works for you.W e work with a wide variety of different metals for our metal fabrication services:

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